Boles Bakery started with the intention of just being somewhere for good bakes, but the pandemic has shown that many of us are closer to unemployment and poverty than we'd like to be, with the disadvantaged even closer. Throughout the pandemic, we raised funds for local food banks and provided free lunches to children, but recognised there was still a need to do more. With that in mind, we made a change from a limited business to a Community Interest Company.

Boles Bakery C.I.C is a bakery that aims to generate self-regard, social skills and better career opportunities for people from disadvantaged backgrounds including ethnic minorities, people with long term health conditions or disabilities and/or other socioeconomic barriers to employment by providing skills, training, work experience and/or employment opportunities.

We do this with our core values:

  • Empowering: We nurture people with the skills and confidence to achieve the future they want

  • Equality: We believe that we are all valuable and have potential no matter our current or past circumstances

  • Commitment: We are committed to our values, our employees, placement participants and community to have a positive impact

  • Inclusion: We are built on a culture of inclusion and making everyone feel welcome

  • Reputation: We stand for quality in everything that we do and aim to be an example of ethical business.