All the Cookies!

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We've done our research and we haven't found a cookie stuffed with more chocolate than this! Chocolatey dough and four different types of chocolate chips.

Birthday Cake

This is some nostalgia for you with white chocolate chips, caramel chips, lots of sprinkles and a blondie centre- this cookie makes it feel like your birthday with every bite!


This is for all you Lotus Biscoff lovers out there! We amp us the caramel flavour with chocolate chips, a big Biscoff centre and Biscoff crumbs.
This is how you should start your birthday, Monday or any day... Our yummy original dough with a sprinkling of corn powder filled with white chocolate chips and Kelloggs Cornflakes.

Brookie x100

Cookies and brownies are an amazing combination, but together in a cookie they are out of this world! This is our classic OG stuffed with our signature OB (Original Brownie).
A classic combo! Black cocoa dough, Oreo crumbs and white chocolate chips surround an Oreo for the perfect treat to have with a glass of milk.
This cookie contains everything but the kitchen sink... The ingredients may sound a bit wrong together (crispy M&M's, salty crisps, pretzels and two types of chocolate chips) but they are so so right and make a yummy cookie.

Gimme S'more

Marshmallow centre, Belgian milk chocolate and a marshmallow fluff top makes this one of our favourite flavours! These taste even better when warmed up.

Oh So Nutty!

Is it Nut-ella or Noo-tella? Either way, this for those who can't get enough of it! Chopped hazelnuts and white chocolate chips with a Nutella centre make up this perfect combo.
A whole cookie dedicated to one of our brand colours! Pretty in pink feature freeze-dried raspberries, white chocolate chips and ruby chocolate chips to make the prettiest cookie.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet cake is a classic, so we cookied it up a bit. A chocolate and vanilla dough studded with white Belgian chocolate chips.

The OG

The cookie that paved the way for all the other flavours! Keep it classic with our signature chocolate chip cookie.